Couples Counselling

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Feeling secure, happy, and connected in our couple relationship is crucial to our emotional wellbeing.

When couples come to counselling, these comforting feelings have often been replaced with pain, conflict, and a sense of isolation. Couples therapy provides a safe and supportive space to think about and explore the roots of this disconnection.

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How will it work?

The aim is not to point the finger and blame, but to help both parties reconnect emotionally – to listen to their partner differently, learn to communicate more effectively, and create, if appropriate, a happier and healthier relationship going forward.

The Mulberry Practice are experts in support for those who are suffering with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, family support, relationships, complex mental health issues and attachment disorders. To see our full range of services of how our Couples Counselling service can help then you can find out more information below.

Couples Counselling

“I believe I know why it is satisfying to me to hear someone. When I can really hear someone, it puts me in touch with him; it enriches my life. It is through hearing people that I have learned all that I know about individuals, about personality, about interpersonal relationships”.

Carl Rogers