Individual and Personal Counselling Norwich, Norfolk

Welcome to Individual Counselling

A space for you to talk in confidence, understand yourself better and find ways to move forward. Being honest about your feelings and concerns with those you trust can be healthy.

Adding the support of a skilled professional can increase understanding and help you find a way through.

A counsellor will not judge but will take the time to get to know you, listen to your feelings and experiences and help you find ways to work through them.

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Mondays to Saturdays
(excluding Bank Holidays)
9.00 am until 5.00 pm


How will it work?

Therapy will be difficult sometimes and at others the most enjoyable part of your week.

As your therapists, we welcome these opposing states and embrace them as a sign of good work being done on your behalf. We ask that you bring your authentic and whole self to each session. We encourage you to allow yourself to experience any emotion or thought freely, for example crying without needing to apologise and voicing your feelings with confidence. If you are not quite there yet, we hope you will allow us to help you reach that point. It is our genuine hope that every client that comes to our practice, journeys along their therapeutic path with a renewed sense of understanding and self-appreciation. We look forward to working with you!

The Mulberry Practice are experts in support for those who are suffering with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, family support, relationships, complex mental health issues and attachment disorders. To see our full range of services of how our Individual Counselling service can help then you can find out more information below.

Individual Counselling

“The way of being with another person which is termed empathic…means temporarily living in their life, moving abut in it delicately without making judgment… to be with another in this way means that for the time being you lay aside the views and values you hold for yourself in order to enter the other’s world without prejudice…a complex, demanding, strong yet subtle and gentle way of being”.

Carl Rogers