Young People 18+ Counselling

Welcome to Young People 18+ Counselling

Counselling gives you a safe place to be heard and it is completely confidential.

Our young person counselling service is based on building a trusting relationship with you. It can help you talk about your experiences and worries and how to manage them in a supportive way. Our therapists are trained to listen carefully and thoughtfully to you, without judgement.

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Mondays to Saturdays
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9.00 am until 5.00 pm


How will it work?

Counsellors do not give advice but do support you to make positive decisions for yourself. The Mulberry Practice are trained to work with a range of age groups and cover many different areas that may be worrying you, including feeling stressed or anxious, feeling down, having panic attacks, being bullied, coping with the death of someone in your life, family problems, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, friendship / relationship issues, hurting yourself, problems with food or eating, feelings of not fitting in, exam worries and loneliness.

The Mulberry Practice are experts in support for those who are suffering with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, family support, relationships, complex mental health issues and attachment disorders. To see our full range of services of how our Young People 18+ Counselling service can help then you can find out more information below.

Young People 18+ Counselling

“Over the years, however, the research evidence keeps piling up, and it points strongly to the conclusion that a high degree of empathy in a relationship is possibly the most potent and certainly one of the most potent factors in bringing about change and learning”.

Carl Rogers