Therapist launches charity specifically geared towards helping suicide prevention in Norwich

As well as running The Mulberry Practice, our founder Sally Taylor, has been working on the launch of a new suicide prevention charity aimed at helping people who are at their most vulnerable.

Sally is branching out to launch the charity after growing exasperated with mental health services in the county.

The loss of a close friend to suicide around 10 years ago set Mrs Taylor thinking of ways she could help others who find themselves at similar points of crisis.

And after hearing the experiences from her own clients, she has set about launching The Horizon Project, which will provide immediate help and support for people referred to them in their time of crisis.

She said: “I have had quite a few clients over a long period of time and the stories are always the same – they are not getting the help they need when they need it.

“I also had a friend who took his life some years ago and that has always stuck with me too.”

Mrs Taylor said the charity’s aim and purpose would be to offer support to the people most at risk of “slipping through the net” at their most desperate times.

She added: “I keep thinking that if something like this had existed years ago, could it have helped my friend?

“The problem we’re facing at the minute is sometimes if somebody doesn’t meet a specific set of psychological diagnostic labels they are not able to access the help they need and slip through the net.”

Once the charity has launched, GPs, emergency services and mental health workers will eventually be able to refer people directly to the charity, where they will then be able to get access to counselling and other support services.

The Horizon Project officially launches next month, at a fundraising event at St Giles House Hotel on Thursday, December 9.

Tickets for the evening are available free of charge from, with the charity also collecting donations for raffle prizes. For further information contact

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Source: Adapted from EDP

Published On: May 27, 2022

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